Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI

EPI Treatment Progress Log

Enzyme Diane EPI-Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency Enzymes

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When starting your journey with an EPI dog it is very important to keep track of what the dog eats, how much, how often, what the dose of enzymes were as well as detailed information on poop patrol.  Keeping this log can help you get your dog stabilized faster and give you accurate information to share with your veterinarian.

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  • "Our white German Shepherd named Kaiah fell sick with EPi about 3 years ago. She went from weighing 85 pounds to 54 pounds in just 3 weeks. After delaying our wedding to pay for ..."
    Robert Lewis
    Happy dad
  • "My four year old female German Shepherd was diagnosed with EPI, January 2014. I bought my first bottle of powered enzymes from the vet at a outragous price. I then got a prescri..."
    Russ Ayers
    Happy Customer


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