Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI

Orders to Countries other than Canada and USA

We have successfully shipped to the following Countries:

Croatia, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Ireland, Indonesia, Slovakia, South Africa(We can not ship 2 kilo packages),Tanzania, and Poland

We can not ship to Germany or Australia.

If you do not see your country listed please contact us to see if we can send enzymes in.\

Enzyme Diane EPI-Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency Enzymes

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All costs include insurance, delivery confirmation, packaging, and paypal fees.*

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250 grams Pancreatin 6x

 500 grams 6x
 $132.00 Express Mail
1 Kilo 6x

$197.00 Express Mail


 2 Kilo 6x

$325.00 Priority Mail



Pancreatin 8x Supplement Shipped to

Croatia, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Ireland, Indonesia, Slovakia, Tanzania, and Poland

 500 grams 8x

 $143.00 Express Mail

1 Kilo 8x

 $219.00 Express Mail

 2 Kilo 8x

 $391.00 Priority Mail


EPI Awareness Brochures

The Penny payment is the only way to get the item added to the shopping cart.  


EPI Awareness Brochure  $.01 
 5 EPI Awareness Brochures  $.01 
 10 EPI Awareness Brochures $.01 
 15 EPI Awareness Brochures $.01 
 20 EPI Awareness Brochures


Freeze Dried Bovine-Shipping in the USA

Potency is not tested but can work as a substitute for those with porcine allergies average dose 2-3 teaspoons per cup of kibble.Product is tested for bacteria and is usually from Argentina

Add Express Shipping 

 Add Express Shipping

 Sample 50g

 250g FD Bovine-Shipped First Class

 500g FD Bovine  $91 

 1 Kilo FD Bovine

 2 Kilo FD Bovine $329 


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  • " I want to thank Diane for making it so easy to provide the best quality enzymes for Muggie that are available. If not for Diane and her constant committment to EPI It would hav..."
    John Hire and Muggie
    Muggie's dad
  • "My 17yo Cairn was diagnosed with EPI when she was 1 1/2yo. Over the years I have used various products, primarily chewable pills. Several different times I have tried powders bu..."
    Joleen McCammon


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