Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI

Epi4Dogs  Informational Brochure

Epi4Dogs Foundation is a 501C3 that works at creating awareness with EPI and also assists in gathering information for researchers.   On their website you will find information about current and past research as well as a support forum and lots of information about dealing with EPI and the research backing it.  www.Epi4Dogs.com 

2015 UNIVERSAL-EPI in ALL BREEDS Brochures 3-2015 - 10d1-final version.pdf

Brochures are available for order to hand out at events or to others that may benefit from the information. 

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  • "Enzyme Diane is a life saver. When my Catahoula dog Pep was diagnosed with EPI and they told me how much the enzymes were going to cost I did not know what I was going to do. Th..."
    Josie Adame
    A Very Satisfied and Loyal Customer
  • "My dog was starving to death in nov 2009 and thanks to your enzymes he eats and benefits from his food. I can not say thank you enough"
    Sue & The Furry Gang


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