Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI

Over the counter options

Pancreatin options.pdf

 and as always you may contact your vet for supplies as well.

I would also suggest getting help from those in the EPI community via the support groups.  There may be a member in your area that has enzymes that you can purchase or borrow if you are in a bind.  The support groups are listed in the links page.  K9-EPIGlobal Yahoo supprt and www.epi4dogs.com


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  • "Just wanted to write how happy we are with Enzyme Diane. My husband and I had been buying Pancreatin Powder prescribed from the Vet and we were only getting about 8oz of powder ..."
    GSD with EPI
  • "Enzyme Diane has saved our dog's life! Upon adoption we were told Buck needed a grain free food as he was having diarrhea. The diarrhea continued after we brought him home, cau..."
    Enzyme Diane is Saving Our Dog's Life


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