Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI

Dog Food Ideas for EPI Dogs

While most EPI dogs do best on a low fiber (below 4%), grain free diet with normal amounts of fat (older studies found a diet that was low in fat below 12% was better, but this protocol has been changed), some dogs may do just fine with grains and conversely others may still do better with a lower fat diet.   Below is a list of foods that some EPI dogs are doing well on.  This list was compiled from those that are using Pancreatin.  I am not endorsing any of these foods and you should consult your veterinarian about what food is right for your EPI dog.  There are many others on the market that will also work.  This list is for reference only.  Remember that dog food ingredients may change.  Please note some of these have had recalls, others have not.  

Dog food kibble list with prices 11.pdf


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  • "Milo (Border Collie/Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mx) was diagnosed with EPI four months after I adopted him from a shelter. Additional vet tests and enzymes were unexpected expen..."
    Lanie (Russell) Kenning
  • "Until I heard about Enzyme Diane, I was contemplating having my GSD, Max put to sleep because I couldn't afford Pancrezyme powder. After just one month of the Pancreatin followi..."
    Steve B


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