Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI


Encourage & Support

EPI Awareness!

Bandanas feature screen print on 2 corners and can be cut in half or folded to wear with either side showing

Please note these can not be added to the shopping cart as the funds will be paid directly to epi4dogs

 $9.98 USA Shipping
 $19.98 Worldwide

Epi4Dogs Foundation is a 501C3 Non Profit.  The proceeds from the sale will go towards EPI Awareness: Brochure printing, research & veterinary convention expenses

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  • "Some friends of ours had to relocate to Nigeria for work, leaving behind their 10 year old German/Husky mix, Sasha, in our care. This transition must have been very stressful fo..."
    A & B
    Grateful for Diane's Work
  • "My "Leah" was diagnosed at 6 months, she was the first EPI patient my vet had ever seen or treated. I went on line and found the EPI forum, where I learned how to treat Leah. ..."
    Gretchen Metz
    Happy Mom


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