Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI


Quotes We've tried other enzymes, nothing has worked as well as these. Our Lisi, a 5 year old great dane, has short bowel syndrome due to an injury and subsequent removal of a large section of the small intestine. The only way we can keep any weight on her is to treat her as if she has EPI. This site is fabulous, without it, I'm not really sure where we would be right now. Quotes
Carmen Kraus
Greatful for Diane!

Quotes Our Liver color GSP "Zac" sucked down a full stick of butter about 10 years ago. I'm told this may be the reason he has pancreatic problems. None the less, he is a trim 105 lbs and now 16 years old! He has been on Dianes enzime powder for over 3 years now. Before Diane, we were spending crazy money to keep our fur child going. Two vets missed it and I figured out what was going on through the internet. Diane sells a great product at a more than fair price. I just want to thank her for helping so many furry family members live healthy lives and for saving so many humans tons of cash! Keep up the good work! Quotes
Life Saver!

Quotes Our 4.5 year old GSD had all the classic symptoms of EPI. Our vet diagnosed him right away, but we were still heartbroken. Our vet wanted $300 per 8 oz. bottle of the Pancreatin Powder. I started researching the internet for information, and a more affordable treatment. I found it on the internet for $125 for 12 oz. With an 85 lb dog, as you know, this does not last long at 6 teaspoons a day! I was hesitant to change to Enzyme Diane. My vet was hesitant to give me the prescription for the internet retailer. During his hesitancy, I ordered from Enzyme Diane. We had the package of the 8x here for a few months before I was brave enough to try it. It only took 1 day of adjustment, and he is now stable on 2 teaspoons a day! Thank you so much for making it affordable! I am on my way to ordering a 1 lb. package, as he expiration dates give you about 18 months. Quotes
Janetta Lydon

Quotes Enzyme Diane is a life saver. When my Catahoula dog Pep was diagnosed with EPI and they told me how much the enzymes were going to cost I did not know what I was going to do. Then I found Diane's Enzyme. There is no way I would be able to afford treatment if it wasn't for Enzyme Diane. Pep is back to her normal weight and doing better than ever. From my whole family Thank You. Quotes
Josie Adame
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Quotes We are now in to year 5 of Bella and Enzyme Diane...what a Godsend this site has been...I'm not sure I could have kept going all these years at the price the vet was asking! Due to other issues Bella was put on strong steroids for a long period of time and will be on Atipica twice a week for the rest of her sweet life...thus causing her EPI...poor little thing was literally pooping herself to death...fortunately she was diagnosed and has thrived since! Thank you Enzyme Diane for making this possible for all of us EPI moms...you saved two legged and four legged folks and fur babies!..Also....I order one day and two days later my order is in my mailbox! Quotes
Phee Behle
Over the Moon

Quotes My 17yo Cairn was diagnosed with EPI when she was 1 1/2yo. Over the years I have used various products, primarily chewable pills. Several different times I have tried powders but Matoe refused to eat her food. SO, when I found out about Diane, a couple of years ago, I was a little worried but decided to give it a try. There was no issue. Plus, in the all those years her stool has never been so normal. No runny bad smelling yuck. LOVE this product, and the price is awesome. Thank you Thank you Quotes
Joleen McCammon

Quotes I am so thankful for Enzyme Diane! My dear German Shepherd Hannah has always had a "sensitive German Shepherd stomach". It wasn't serious but I had to be careful about what I fed her or she would have loose stools. At 7 she developed degenerative myelopathy. This winter she was paralyzed in the back end and was having terrible loose stools. I couldn't manage a paralyzed dog with unpredictable diarrhea in the winter. I was facing a terrible decision too soon. Hannah was (and still is) happy. She loves her daily walks in her cart, car rides and hanging out with me in the office while I work. Thanks to Enzyme Diane, Hannah and I still enjoy every day, we are very blessed. Her stools are firm and on a manageable schedule. Thank you, Diane, for giving me more precious time with Hannah. Quotes

Quotes Cynder my GSD was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago with EPI. She and her litter sister Tinker just celebrated their 4th birthday. I am so thankful to have found the Enzyme Diane website to educate about this disease, provide great customer service as well as an affordable effective enzyme alternative to my Vets prescription (an expense of nearly twice as much). After supplementing with the Enzymes Cynder has put on a healthy 20 pounds and is a happy active dog at 65 pounds. Her litter sister, Tinker out weighs her by only 5 pounds. Their big GSD sister Cibyl is 5 years old and weighs in at about 100 pounds. I definitely appreciate the automated reordering option, it simplifies the process of timing a reorder. Thank you for all you do to help our 4 footed fur babies thrive! Quotes
Pat Rostad
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Quotes Dear Diane & your friend Olesia Kennedy, who guided me to you- Thank you so much!!! We wouldn't be "us" without "you" and all your guidance with my little Samantha Nicole's EPI! We could never really thank you enough! My little Pomeranian was only four years old when she was losing so much weight it seemed like overnight she went from 8 pounds, which is her optimal weight, down to a mere tiny 4 pounds, The three different vets that we had gone to had no clue what was going on, The last that we saw finally told me he thought it was EPI and he wanted to do surgery and open her up to determine, I said that doesn't seem right then I asked what is the treatment for EPI and when he told me it was Enzymes I said why don't we just try that first and he reluctantly after forcing me to sign a document refusing surgery that he would order enzymes and allow me to try that first.... It was as if the first spoon of enzymes mixed in her food brought life back to my dog! Quotes
Jolena & Sammie 👩🏼💕🐻
Even Pomeranians can be affected by EPI

Quotes One year after our "CairnRescue".. terrier, Libby, arrived... after being nothing but a producer of puppies in her life... Libby developed EPI (not diagnosed by our usual vet... but identified quickly by a resident-in-internal medicine.. for veterinary animals. Since her diagnosis, and immediate relief.. and resumption of a normal life., Libby has exceeded all of expectations as a wonderful pet... without any further troubles related to EPI, .... with the use of EnzymeDiane's pancreatic enzyme supplement in her diet. We couldn't have been luckier.. to have Libby... and to have had the help that EnzymeDiane has given Libby, and us. Quotes
Sheafe Ewing
Libby , now 12, is a dog wonder
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