Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI


Quotes I am so appreciative of your updates. Presently I have a huge supply of the european product since my little Corgi only gets 1/2 tsp. a day and I probably won't use it up forever!! I wanted you to know that I decided to try out some of the dog foods you suggested (she had been on Vet. formula Iams low residue--expensive) and bought Fromm's for senior dogs. Lo and behold, she doesn't stink nearly as much. She still has some breath from the enzyme, but it isn't coming out of her pores like it was before. She is doing just fine on the new food. Fortunately, she isn't picky about what I feed her, but I thought other dog owners who are turned off by their pet's odor might give another food a try. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes You are amazing for making this product available. Having this is the only way I was able to afford to keep my best friend. Thank you so much!!!! Quotes
Gainesville, FL

Quotes My dog was starving to death in nov 2009 and thanks to your enzymes he eats and benefits from his food. I can not say thank you enough Quotes
Sue & The Furry Gang

Quotes Thanks for the prompt shipment. The product you send it great and we are so lucky to have found you Quotes
K9 Sugar

Quotes I ordered Diane's enzymes the evening of 6/20. They were shipped on 6/21 and arrived on 6/23. They were wrapped in a cooling wrap and the ice had the teeniest bit of cool left to it. Fritzy was running low as I was hoping to score some US enzymes but he did well with the euro ones Quotes
Kerri and Fritzy

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that Kahn is doing great on your enzyme. Has not had one setback since we started him on the enzymes back in Feb. Loves mealtime. Licks his bowl clean at every meal. Thanks again Quotes
Renee, LA

Quotes I'm very happy with your enzymes. Glad to have found you. Have a great weekend. =) Thanks for all you do! Quotes

Quotes Diane is 'family' and has consistently provided us great quality enzymes, answering our constant questions and always willing to help out our friends in need. Thank you, Diane...you even helped me with samples to try! You are FAMILY! Quotes
Nothing Else But Enzyme Diane

Quotes We are really grateful for your product, it has saved our dog. Quotes

Quotes I was trying to figure out how I was going to afford to take care of my sweet Tarz when I found this group and all the blessings that it has to offer- including and most specifically YOU. I cannot thank you enough for doing all you do to help us ALL take care of our furbabies-affordably. Quotes
Cindi & Tarz
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