Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI


Quotes I live in Alberta, Canada & the pancreas v powder has been on back order forever. My GSD was starting to get VERY sick, as she needs those enzymes to survive & live a healthy/ productive life. Words can't express my appreciation and gratitude towards Diane. Diane & her company are incredible! She has been the most compassionate & understanding person during this whole process. My GSD is no longer living through such pain and suffering. She is able to eat her food now, and gain weight back. I will forever deal with Diane & her company. I will promote & encourage everyone & anyone that if their dog has this terrible pancreatic disease, there is no one better (in my opinion) than to do ALL dealings with Diane. I received my order of medication the next day! I am truly speechless with all the help that I received from Diane to Fed Ex. If my GSD could talk I know that she would say how very grateful and appreciative she is! Forever Thank You Diane! Bridgette & Xia :) Quotes
Words Can't Express my Gratitude & Appreciation !!

Quotes Before I found your website, we were preparing our kids along with ourselves to put down our Masey dog. We have had her for 9 years. All of a sudden she just started loosing weight and was acting like she was starving to death. She would have diarreah and vomit everyday. It was so sad and stressfull just to watch her deteriorate like that. Our vet put her on different medication and did test after test with no results .After switching vets, they finally diagnosed her with EPI, she had lost 30 lbs. We were so relieved, we finally knew what was wrong and that it was treatable. Then we find out the enzyme medication they offered was going to be way to expensive for us to afford. So, I want to say Thank You. You made it possible for us to spend many more years with her. After a few months she looks great! Thank you so much! Quotes
Amber Irby
Very Gratefull

Quotes My German Shepherd, Brisa, was diagnosed with EPI in May and I started her in raw beef pancreas because I didn't think I could afford the enzymes. I had not heard about Diane's enzymes yet. The raw worked great until I received my second order of it. Her poop started getting soft again. Then I started reading that the potency of the pancreas is not consistent with the raw. I heard about Diane on the forum and called her. She sent the enzymes so quickly and Brisa's poop firmed up immediately. She started out around 55 lbs and has gained at least 10 lbs. She is thriving on Diane's enzymes. She is always so helpful and always answers any questions at any time I call. She is a blessing to our family. Quotes

Quotes We adopted our German Shepherd through GS Rescue. Daisey was very sick with EPI- her weight was 59lbs. We has no idea how we were going to pay for these expensive enzymes but adopted Daisey any way. God sent us an Angel named Enzyme Diane. Daisey weighs 84lbs and his doing great. Thank you Diane! Quotes

Quotes when advised by me Vet 's office (in Canada) that our V Powder was on back order and they had no alternative for me, I contacted Diane and she had it shipped out the same day. It's now been 2 weeks since my initial notice from my Vet and they still haven't found an alternative. Diane, I hope you really understand how appreciated you are and the goodness that you do makes so many lives better. thank you Barbara & Abbey Quotes

Quotes I was so upset, my days were spent in tears. "Balto" had lost 40lbs, I thought he was going to die. After all the wrong treatments, I was searching online, & found EnzymeDiane. I was shocked when Diane called me back right away! She was so nice, I can't tell you how much she helped me. She told me where to get something locally that day to help him. I wrote her many times and Diane patiently took the time to answer all my questions, the information on her web site helped my family and I understand EPI. Diane shipped the Enzymes, and I started treatment. It was a miracle! Balto's stools and behavior improved with each day, he has put on some weight, and he is not so ravenous all the time. He has lots of energy, runs and plays. We have a long way to go but we would not be here without you, thank you. Quotes
San Diego, CA

Quotes I talked with you a few months ago about my three month old puppy. I just want to thank you for taking time to talk to me & saving my Molly. You are an Angel!!! She is now six months old & weighs 54 pounds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Quotes
Molly's mom

Quotes We all know the whirlwind of emotions when you get the initial diagnosis from this horrible disease. You feel so hopeless and helpless! My vet advised me to order the enyzmes at an online pharmacy, but I soon found out that they didn't understand the importance of this medicine for my dog, and did not care if and when it was delivered. I waited 7 days for it to come, and each day that passed I felt even more frustrated and fearful. I called Diane and spoke to her about her enzymes. She gave me the assurance and understanding that I needed. And TWO DAYS later, the Pancreatin arrived at my door. Her package even listed handling instructions, not like the pharmacy that just put it in an almost unsealed box! Diane, not only are you helping me making her treatment more affordable, but you have helped me regain my hope in making my Lola an EPI Survivor! Thank you so much. Quotes
A true blessing!

Quotes You truly have been our angel in helping to save Anja! Thank you so much, she now has gained about 30 lbs. Quotes
Anja was 27# at her lowest and is a female GSD

Quotes Thank you so much for your site. I have been using your enzymes for about two years now. Before I found you, my dog was only 55 lbs. Now he is 87 lbs. These enzymes saved my precious Diego!! Thanks again. Quotes