Digestive Enzyme Supplements for EPI

Pancreatin 6x USP Powder 250g $48.00

 250g 6x/4 weeks
 250g 6x/6 weeks
 250g 6x/2 months  
 250g 6x/3 months  
 250g 6x/4 months  


Pancreatin 6x USP Powder 500g $74.00


 500g 6x/4 weeks  
 500g 6x/6 weeks
 500g 6/2 months
 500g 6x/3 months  

500g 6x/4 months

 500g 6x/6 months  

Pancreatin 6x USP Powder 1 Kilo $143.00


 1 Kilo 6x/4 weeks  
 1 Kilo 6x/6 weeks
 1 Kilo 6/2 months
 1 Kilo 6x/3 months  

1 Kilo 6x/4 months

 1 Kilo 6x/6 months  

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  • "I was so glad to find out about these enzymes. The vet was charging us so much more. Our GSD has EPI and also has to be on the special dog food too so it can get pretty expensiv..."
  • "When Phoebe was originally diagnosed with EPI in 2009, like others, I was overwhelmed. I stumbled across Diane on the web and thank my lucky stars. She has made the powder aff..."
    Lisa Strickland
    Thankful for Diane


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